Here are some drawings made for me from my friends. If you have any, just send them to my address daniele@giovannifiorenza.com and I will be glad to publish them.

Ecco una serie di disegni fatti per me da miei amici. Se avete altri disegni, inviateli all’indirizzo e-mail daniele@giovannifiorenza.com, sarò lieto di pubblicarli.


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  1. Hello Daniele how are you doing. Blake and I decided to get on the computer and check in to see how you are doing. Your site is great. One day I will get it together and write Blakes story. Blake is doing well. He will turn 13 on November 12. So we are excited about that. Your pictures from your friends are very nice. I hope all is well. God bless you and your family. Take care, hugs and kisses.

    Blake and Robyn Kunze.

    Mi piace

    I’m very very very happy to finally hear you. We also need your help to extend this great site! This site is also for Blake and so, on November 12th we will dedicate a post for Blake’s birthday. If you write the Blake’s story we immediately will publish it on this site.
    Daniele is doing well, but he was a light sad because I was far from him for work (I was in Rome for two weeks).
    Now I’m coming back and he is very happy!
    Take care, we love Daniele and… Blake!
    Giovanni Fiorenza.

    Mi piace

  3. Hi Blake and Robyn!!
    We are glad to hear from you again!.. How’s Blake doing?.. We hope everything is fine with you!!
    Daniele is not doing really well for now.. probably because the wheather is changing… or just beacuse he hasn’t seeing his brother Gianni in more than a week.. hopefully he will be better when he’ll come visit!
    Please keep in touch!
    Take care!

    Mi piace

  4. Hey, i’d just like to say that you are an inspiration for us all Daniele! Rare conditions are often overlooked by most people, but that does not make them less important! This is my inspiration for life (:.

    Mi piace


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