Hello everybody! First of all we decided to post this to thank all of those who wrote beautiful words for Daniele either on our site or on their personal blogs. Thank you from our heart, you are wonderful!

Unfortunally we are having some issue with “some” miserable people from U.S. ( with this it’s far from us to offend any U.S. citizens we know that not everybody is like them), they’re actually taking Daniele’s pictures from the site to modify them and make fun of our little Daniele on their blogs! This is a shame!

That’s why we had to start modifying Daniele’s pictures on the site putting a water-mark on each of them and that’s also to remind that the pictures on this site are garded by the Copyright Law. However, we remind you that whoever has a noble purpose can request us the authorization to publish them on their own site/blog.

Daniele’s site is a evidence on he and his life and you know how much this means for us and for him and of course this awful issue is not going to stop us. The site will go on his own way, in spite of the fact that unfortunally on earth there’s cruel people like them, too. But luckily for us we know people better than that 😉 !

Thanks to all Daniele’s friends, we love you!

Bye, Gianni and Sara.Salve a tutti. Abbiamo deciso di scrivere questo post innanzitutto per ringraziare tutti quelli che hanno scritto delle bellissime frasi a Daniele sia su questo sito che sui loro blog personali. Grazie di cuore, siete delle persone eccezionali.

Purtroppo stiamo avendo a che fare con alcuni personaggi a dir poco squallidi, provenienti dagli Stati Uniti, i quali stanno prelevando le immagini del piccolo Daniele da questo sito per modificarle in un modo vergognoso e per ripresentarle su alcuni forum!

Per tale motivo abbiamo iniziato a modificare tutte le immagini del sito per inserire una filigrana su ogni foto e per ricordare che queste immagini sono sotto Copyright. Vi ricordiamo, comunque, che chiunque abbia uno scopo nobile può richiederci l’autorizzazione a pubblicare le foto sul proprio sito/blog.

Il sito di Daniele è una testimonianza su Daniele e sulla sua vita e voi sapete quanto esso sia importante per noi e per lui, e questo spiacevole inconveniente sicuramente non ci fermerà. Il sito continuerà ad andare avanti per la sua strada, nonostante la presenza di gente insensibile che purtroppo, ci siamo accorti, esiste in questo mondo.

Grazie a tutti gli amici di Daniele, vi vogliamo un mondo di bene! 🙂

Saluti, Gianni e Sara.


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  1. Very inspirational, my heart will be with your family always. you have a wonderful kid, that I can tell means the world to you, and the world means everything to him. Thank you for being an inspiration. Email me back, I would love to hear from you, and I am glad you all are wonderful, caring humans, unlike a lot, You don’t see much humility now adays, and it is a rare commodity to come by.


    P.S. This of course is not my real name, if you would like it you may email me, this is my performance name I go by.

    Much love and blessings to you and Daniele

    Mi piace

  2. Thank you Chemo/ghost, we appreciate that are people like you too.. We love Daniele alot.. he is our life.. our reason why we live.. no words can say better than his smile and his eyes.. thank you, thank you!

    Mi piace

  3. I cannot express how saddened I am to hear of these people… I am from the US as well, but I am saddened to think people can act in that way, regardless of their place of birth! Just know how many of us of us are in loving support of the entire family!

    Love to you all,

    Mi piace

  4. I’ve seen this modified pictures myself, didnt find them funny, it made me want to know who was that boy, glad i found out, anyone who finds it funny has no soul

    Mi piace

  5. The pictures a very not funny and there is a protest being made by xxx still.

    She and her supporters has no soul and my heart sings for you.

    Mi piace

  6. I’m so sorry people can be so deluded by the relatively anonymous realm of the internet. People become desensitized and do awful things—nothing is off limits. These people need a big dose of empathy.

    Anyway, I send my love to you and Daniele.

    Mi piace

  7. “I’ve seen this modified pictures myself, didnt find them funny, it made me want to know who was that boy, glad i found out”

    So good things come unexpected places. These images have created an interest in Daniele. Be happy with that, because that was surely your goal.

    Mi piace

  8. I have reported many of these users as well as communities that decided it would be amusing to poke at your son on
    Hopefully things will be taken care of. I am sorry that these people felt it funny to use this boy for their amusement.

    Sadly it’s not only Americans but people from other countries that can join and make fun of your boy.
    As an American I am offended by the amount of rudeness these people are showing to you and your family.

    Mi piace

  9. The people who try and hide behind the First Amendment as their excuse for making fun of ANYBODY are a bunch of cowards. Somehow, I don’t think the forefathers of the United States meant the 1st Amendment to be used in this manner.

    The person generating this mess is grossly unattractive herself and has had her own photos ridiculed, so you would think she’d know better, but she’s just worthless, nasty hypocrite.

    Mi piace

  10. Thank you Robyn for your message.
    I don’t think they’re all from the US, some of them are sure (Las Vegas, California, Alaska).
    With this I don’t want to do a war of states because if somebody is coward and insensible the state is unimportant.
    I hope you understand what I said.

    Mi piace

  11. I would like to inform all that the copyright holder of Daniele’s photos is his family.
    Since Daniele’s family is italian so are applicable the copyright italian laws to these photos.
    Who modify and propagate the pictures of the little Daniele commit an offence.
    The photos aren’t of public domain because the copyright holder doesn’t have given the consent to this type of licence.
    If anyone see Daniele’s photos in a place different by this site (, he must know that these photos are distributed against the will of the copyright holder.

    Mi piace

  12. I am so sorry that they are doing this. Some people will stop at nothing. I am shocked to see that there are people who will go to these lengths. I know that many of them are mentally ill & belong back in the hospital. To make it an issue of Freedom of Speech is ridiculous. This just further illustrates their failure as humans. They are just sad, sick individuals with obviously no life and a lot of excess time to spend all this time doing things like this. I hope xxx will rule in your favor.

    Mi piace

  13. Conosco Daniele da quando è nato visto che sono la più cara amica di Sara, ieri sono venuta a conoscenza di una cosa che mi ha letteralmente sconvolta….e cioè del fatto che alcuni ignobili individui “americani” hanno modificato le sue foto prendendosi gioco di lui per non parlare di ciò che hanno detto…. Daniele è un ragazzo che ha delle problematiche serie… ma Daniele è anche la persona più amata che io conosca…Daniele sorride quando ascolta le sue canzoni preferite cantate da Sara, Daniele è felice quando si pronuncia solo il nome di Gianni, Daniele adora la mamma e il papà…
    ed io ogni volta che vado a trovarlo sento che è contento ed è propio in quel momento che provo forse una delle emozioni più belle che si possano provare. Sara io sono con te e se ci sarà una battaglia da combattere io la combatterò con te e tutta la tua famiglia….Vi voglio un bene infinito….. Tina

    Mi piace

  14. I can’t believe people would do this kind of thing. How sad. I agree that they must be mentally ill, there is really no other explanation for their behavior. They must have horrible lives & be very insecure in order to go after someone innocent like Daniele. I wish you all the best.

    Mi piace

  15. I think these people are an awful excuse for humans. This whole freedom of speech issue is hilarious being they are using US law, while you all are in Italy and Italians. [cutted].
    Best wishes to Daniele, you and your family.

    Mi piace

  16. A letter from a friend, sent by e-mail:

    I am sorry I do not know Italian, so I will have to write in English. I want to let you know that I am also appalled at the lack of morals and the sheer indecency of those people who posted nasty things or altered pictures of Daniele. To me he seems like a very sweet person with a very loving family. Why someone would be so inhumane to make fun of him I have no idea. I have to say I am shocked at their behavior. I am amazed people can be so cruel. If this had been their loved one they would not at all be laughing. I sincerely hope Daniele is doing well and please do not let what these people have done get to you or your family. I think it was a great thing you did to make a site to educate people about his condition.
    I wish you all the best and wanted you to know that there are some friends of Daniele and we are very happy to know about him and that he seems so happy and a beautiful person and has a wonderful family. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Take care & give my love to Daniele.

    I would like to thank you, my friend! 😀
    Take care!

    Mi piace

  17. i don’t have much to say but it is cruel what people are doing this day on the internet i swear is really cruel god bless your child an your family

    Mi piace

  18. I know this post is from 2008 but I wanted to comment
    I only found out about Daniele’s story today and I’m angered by these morally bankrupt people mocking Daniele’s pictures but frankly, I am not surprised at all, unfortunately that is the world we live in now I would love if these people were all exposed because I’m sure a lot of them have ‘respectable’ jobs and I’d love their bosses to know what their employees do in their spare time.

    In any case I just wanted to say that waht you are doing (watermarking the pictures) is great but don’t let these degenerates make you loose any sleep, and I hope you don’t feel like maybe you shouldn’t have published his pictures because there wasn’t anything wrong about it.
    I know it must be infuriating to find these stolen pictures but as infuriating as it might be for you, these mocking pictures only show how disgusting and low the people who make them are, they don’t say anything about Daniele, whatever they can do with Daniele’s pictures it doesn’t change the reality that Daniele is an admirable boy surrounded by a great family who loves him dearly!! And anyone with a brain knows that.

    Kind regards.

    Mi piace


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